Muisne: beauty and adventure

In the southern part of the Esmeraldas province hides a site of beauty and adventure, the so called “Island of charm”. Visiting the island is like stepping into a heavenly place on Earth with beautiful landscapes of palm groves by the beach, mangroves and fascinating rivers.

The beauty of its wide beaches, the crystal clear water of its seas and the unique texture of the sand can only be found in this side of ​​Ecuador. An ideal site for a sun bath, sea breeze treatment and wilderness escape. A cluster of experiences in one unique place.

The experience begins upon arrival, hopping on a boat that takes us to the island in a 7 minutes ride along the river that bares the same name (Muisne), there is also another transfer option and it is on wheels,  the so-called moto-tricycles that will enter the island through the pedestrian bridge where you´ll feel the wind on your face almost tasting the warm sea breeze.

The first stop is by the beach where an atmosphere of adventure awaits us, the practice of water sports like surfing attracts visitors and adventure seekers, it gives the impression that everyone on the island knows how to catch a wave, even the youngest.

After an hour feeling the sand under our feet and a long walk down the pier enjoying the view, it was time to try its world famous cuisine. This time I choose and exquisite “encocado” at “Doña Elena’s seasoning” restaurant. Its rich flavor is a mixture of fresh seafood (fish, shrimp and shells), with enough tender coconut and local species.

You can also step into the palm groves (mostly coconut) with palm trees up to 10 meters high. Its a green site that commit us to live in harmony with nature. After a 30 minutes walk we find “El Palmar de los Jaramillo”. The kind smile of the host invited us in making us feel that we were in the right place, Don Wilo Durán began pulling the coconut from the palm with a long hook.

The fascinating thing is how the coconuts fell, while his assistant picked them up in a sack, we got marveled by the syncronized skills and by the coconut sweetness freshly harvested, a true delight.

Some time before the dusk we knew it was the time to take a boat ride around the island, in the hands of experts guides and with the appropriate gear. With all measures on, it was the time to feel the wind on our face and admire the beauty of this vast sea , observe the island from the outside with its deep waters, mysterious, beautiful and suitable for the practice of any sport.

We invite you to live, enjoy and experience, Muisne waits for you in this holiday, with unforgettable experiences and knows extraordinary places, wonderful and friendly people

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