Napo, a world of birds and magical colors

It is the time to commit ourselves to travel the country and revive tourism on each of its Four Worlds. Let’s fall in love with Ecuador and all its destinations again. This time we want to suggest a visit to the province of Napo, an ideal place to practice birdwatching and learn everything about these colorful flying species.

The Cosanga – Narupa circuit, located in the Quijos and Archidona area, is the site that registered the greater amount of spotted species on the annual Christmas Bird Counting that took place in last December and the Global Big Day celebrated in May.

This bird lovers destination is only two hours and a half ride from Quito to Tena and one hour and thirty minutes more from there on a first-rate road access and public transportation available on planned schedules.

To get there on bus you’ll have to purchase the tickets at the Quitumbe bus station for just $4.50 for the Quito – Pifo – Baeza – Cosanga line. Authorized operators and guides will assure an unforgettable birdwatching trip and if you travel on your own, remember to arrive the day before the actual event takes place. Keep in mind that bird watching mostly begins in the early hours.

Get your field guide, notepad, pencil, binoculars, the camera and all essentials ready to enjoy and capture the lush colors of birds right from the very beginning. The companion of a specialized bird guide will help you spot and identify each species. Some of them have the expertise to identify a bird species only by listening to its songs.

Birdwatching tours experience is something extraordinary because you get to walk along the green forests at a slow pace and taking the time to observe and enjoy every natural corner.

The guy guiding us makes several breaks to ask for silence and direct our attention to some beautifully colored bird or simply trace and enigmatic song coming from the branches and bushes. Binoculars and cameras help us to adjust the gaze and admire the details of these flying creatures.

By the end of the day, we got the chance to spot and register several bird species among them many tangaras, hummingbirds, toucans, orioles, parrots and parakeets. We dully register these data on the e-bird platform, the site where all localized birds are registered for scientific purposes and further investigation.

Remember that a trip to the Amazon is an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to get an up close taste of the natural world around us. Remember to keep it clean and respect all local guidelines and measures to protect the environment.

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