Napo, the embrace of the Amazonian jungle

This new normal brings us closer to meaningful things in life. We all long to reconnect with nature again and count the days to enjoy both some outdoors fun activities and the calmness of rural life. After all, what can be more refreshing than taking some quality time far from our urban lifes and crowded places.

That being said, today we want to talk a little about the province of Napo, a green humid almost virginal land that stretches from the east side of the Andes range to the Amazon basin. Napo is a vast greenery of wild life and sustainable touristic modalities. Let’s think in Napo as a welcoming embrace of the Amazonian jungle experience very close to the best touristic services.

We are committed to deliver the best tips and travel advices, we only ask you to fall in love again with this wonderful land in the middle of the world. When boarders and travel reopens, stay in this marvelous country. There’s a lot to discover.  For now, you can take the time to plan your next adventures in advance.  


Birds of beautiful colors perch on treetops and branches sometimes only for sightseeing or to sing and harmonious melody as if staged by nature for bird enthusiasts. Napo is one of the top destinations for bird watching in Ecuador and the Cosanga-Narupa circuit stands out on the ranking for this touristic modality. Every year this Amazonian province joins the Christmas Bird Count and the Global Big Day, events of great importance for scientifics to get a sight to the situation of the species.


Other physic activities to connect with nature is wandering on trails and jungle routes to stunning waterfalls, river banks and vast forests that allows visitors to feel the vitality of the Amazon jungle. The extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna makes this province has makes it a «must see» on any nature enthusiast. A walk through the forest and a visit to organic farms will bring you closer to the ancient knowledge conveyed on plain sight and preserved by locals. They’ll introduce you to the natural goods they use on rituals to alleviate sickness and its many applications still to be explored in this natural pharmacy around. Also beautiful orchids, bromeliads and flowers will be around as a reminder of the beauty of life on each step you take.

Agro tourism

The “Chakra, chocolate and tourism” route allows travelers to get up close to rural life and combine it with other adventure activities on trails and rapids. It’s a touristic modality that unites several ventures in the area all committed to a sustainable organic approach to productive activities. Its hosts convey the message that Ecuador is the land of the finest chocolate and are qualified to provide a top notch «bean to bar» experience. Get ready to stir your own organic chocolate in the land of the finest chocolate.

Natural reserves

Ecuador is committed to preserve its natural goods for future generations while allowing today’s visitors to enjoy its natural world. Many natural reserves, forests and protected areas are located in Napo or share territory with the  province. Most of them have a research center and spectacular trails to enjoy on an afternoon hike, bike rides and camping. The Cayambe – Coca National Park, the Antisana Ecological Reserve and the Sumaco Napo – Galeras National Park attract travelers year round looking for an off the beaten path experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Jungle lodges

To wrap it all up, you can take a good rest of all this stimulating exploration on comfortable lodges located right in the heart of the jungle. Several of these secluded paradises are ventures from local communities which ensure the protection of nature and the ancient culture of their peoples with sustainable touristic practices. We keep a close eye on preservation and a closer look to quality service. Towers, cabins, or boat rides will lead you to dreamy sunrises that will make you feel like waking up on a true paradise.

We are sure that soon we will be packing our suitcases and taking a ride to a beloved destination in the Country of the Four Worlds. Get fit, get ready and make a list of the places you can’t skip up in Ecuador.

Learn more about Napo here.

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