Nature surrounding Quito

We are at a time that calls us to take care of ourselves and by doing so take care of those we love. Our plans are just on pause for now so don not cancel your trip because we know for sure that you will return to the Ecuadorian seaside, to the forests and wild jungles and to the mountains. Today we‘ll like to take you on a tour to Quito exploring together this World Heritage Site and its surrounding nature.

Guangüiltagua Metropolitan Park

Considered one of the lungs of the city and set on a privileged viewpoint of Quito, this green site has many hiking and biking trails with views of the modern side of the town blending with the Pichincha mountain as well as the surrounding valleys and mountains of the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Many recreational areas for children, youth, adults, seniors and even pets are spread all over the park. Any time you can cross with a group of llamas or find a place to play a soccer or ecuavolley match.

The park is located in the «Batán Alto» area, it has more than 1376.38 acres and open to the public all the week between 6:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. There is no entrance fee for this place where you’ll feel the energy of

Southern Metropolitan Park

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Reconnect with nature through lung filling walks or breathtaking bike rides along its many trails up and down the mountain hill. Its a 1853.29 acres park listed as the 83th between the 100 biggest urban parks in the world and the 6th in the top 10 biggest Latin American urban parks. In this vast urban greenery you will see more than 45 different bird species, enjoy a horseback ride through different kind of environments that goes from the valley at 2615 MASL to the mountain range at 3125 MASL. Playgrounds, picnic and recreational areas are well maintained to provide a great experience even for pets. All family is included.

"La Armenia" Metropolitan Park


It is a small park in the way down to the «Los Chillos» valley with more than 70 acres of green land. An ideal place to enjoy with the family. It is the habitat of hundreds of species of flora and birds. Once a closed lot for the police, the park’s full of tall pine trees and conifers. Here you’ll enjoy performing outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or play a match of soccer or volleyball on the courts.

Guapulo's Park

Guapulo Quito Parque

The lung of Guápulo has 46.95 acres and is located in one of the traditional neighborhoods of Quito. It is a special place, with many heritage trees of more than 100 years old, trails, a lagoona hippotherapy area and green open spaces. Its a natural places very close to the hearth of Quito yet far away from the noise of its vibrant city life.

Rumipamba's Archeological and Ecological Park


This 98.84 acres of natural environments combine history and nature on its wildest state. It is located west of Quito, on the Occidental Avenue and Mariana de Jesús street. If you want to know more about the Quito’s first inhabitants, the Yumbos, here you‘ll be able to admire vestiges and remains of what the city was before the arrival of the Incas. You can also endemic species medicinal plants on its walking trails which is something quite special because its is one of the only parks that remains untouched in the middle of. Its a natural view point to the Financial Center of Quito where a big lagoon used to fill in the rainy season back in the pre-incan days.

Today we can only reach these places from our screens. It’s the time when nature calls us to stay home, but we will soon enjoy the country goods again. So we invite you to take note of the places in Quito and add them to your bucket list The capital of all Ecuadorians is full of surprises and will always be there waiting for you.

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