A site you will love, the Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge

Ecuador has several adventure-ready natural destinations where you can undertake both traditional recreational activities as well as those where you can set free your adventurous soul.

So, today we’d like to invite you on a tour through the Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge, a wild site near Quito, only 28 miles away.

We begin our journey to this magical place in the capital of Ecuador, Quito. From this point take the General Rumiñahui Highway towards the Los Chillos Valleycontinue along the San Rafael – Amaguaña Road, and pass through the commune El Ejido de Amaguaña and San Pedro de Pilopata until you reach your destination.

Like all protected areas in our countryadmission is free, but following the park rules is mandatory because we want to preserve this natural realm 
Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
Avoid noise.
Collect the generated garbage.
Follow the park ranger’s instructions. 

The park is 500-hectares and its altitude ranges between 2,800 and 4,210 meters above sea level. Within the park, it is possible to enjoy an extreme adventure excursion, as well as a quiet walk to better know the Andean biodiversity, Its up to you and your preparation for outdoors adventures.

For the more adventurous type, climbing the Pasochoa volcano takes the experience to another level. From the top you’ll be mazed some mountains and volcanoes of the Avenue of the volcanoes such as Cotopaxi, CorazónAntisanaSincholaguaGuagua and Rucu Pichincha. The whole route from the beginning to the summit and final descent will take 8 hours. Be sure to get all the gear and equipment for a safe and fun mountaineering adventure.

The Pasochoa is an inactive volcano now. Studies show that its last eruption dates back more than 100,000 years. Throughout the entire reserve, which seeks conservation, environmental education and conscious tourism, you’ll meet around 232 species of plants and 126 species of birds. You can also see some mammals in the wild such as the marsupial mouse, the Ecuadorian shrew, the moor fox, and many others.

Also in this reserve you’ll find many camping areas where you can stay to have an unforgettable experience that will allow you to see the sunrise and listen to the trill of birds, which hide and sing among the branches of the trees. For those who make an excursion trip they can make walks on 6 trails, on routes of 900 meters up to 12 kilometers, the longest route.

The temperature ranges between 50 and 59 Fahrenheit degrees. In the Andean cold moors or “páramo”, the temperature ranges between 37 and 48 Fahrenheit degrees, which is why it is necessary to wear warm clothes, water “poncho” or waterproof sweater in case of heavy rain, appropriate footwear, type a half ankle boots in case of long walks.

In additionremember to always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hydrate regularly and take some snacks with high caloric content to regain energy when performing physical activities. If you want to camp you should bring thermal clothing, an emergency kit, mid and high mountain tents and all your personal items for an outdoors activity with safety and comfort in mind.

We invite you to disconnect from the noise of the city and routine and connect with the harmony of life in its purest state; without a doubt, the Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge is the ideal place for nature lovers.

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