Patate magical town

#DiscoverEcuadorfromHome is an open invitation to wonder virtually in the country of the four worlds from the comfort and safety of your home. Today we’ll take you on a tour to Patate also known as «The Valley of The Eternal Spring» and also the first one to be declared Pueblo Mágico del Ecuador. This destination is located in the province of Tungurahua and has many cultural, natural and gastronomic goods that will conquer your heart, a magical town indeed. Here is a detail of some places that you should already add to your bucket list for an after lockdown travel.

The Lord of the Earthquakes

In this Andean place, located between 2,000 and 4,000 M.A.S.L. you‘ll better understand the culture and faith of its inhabitants by the veneration of The Lord of the Earthquakes, who has its celebration festivities every February. Faith and resilience are the background history of this miraculous town that you can learn at the Archaeological-religious Museum and Sanctuary. There you‘ll see an adult size sculpture that represents a king crowned with thorns. The wooden image of the Patron Saint is perfectly carved and artfully decorated to resemble its human presence. 

Lord of the Earthquakes Ecuador

Traditional food

Patate comida

The fertile land surrounding Patate provides its inhabitants with wealthy crops to cover its nutritional demand, trade and so the development of an exquisite gastronomy with flavors and recipes dating back to our ancestors. Among the local delicacies stands out the pumpkin arepas, grape chicha, artisan wines, jamsice creams and more gourmand pleasures spread all over the town in food stores and shops, allowing a walking gastronomic tour throw the architectural beauty of Patate. Don’t forget trying the local fresh catch or even fish it yourself before tasting its rich flavor. 

Waterfalls and lagoons

Patate is part of the Llanganates National Park, a site of moorlands, lagoons and a great beauty. Cool and wild are the winds on this site of contrasts, where the lagoon touches the sky. Here, every year the Cuvivian birds come to perform and odd act of sacrifice when they throw themselves to death in one of its lagoons. In this area you’ll find the waterfalls of Mundug and Las Golondrinas; as well as the lagoons of San Borja, Cocha Negra and Sudahua, where you can feel the energy of the planet speaking loudly through its water sources. The water that runs down the waterfalls comes from the moors nurturing life along its way.

A town of charm

From dawn to dusk and all throu the night, this magical town eradiates charm from every corner. A walk through its central streets takes you to some playgrounds and the Simón Bolívar park where all locals meet. It is there where you can support local ventures purchasing sweets that will match perfectly with the sky and all the nature around you under the sunset light. A postcard town.

Relaxation and coexistance

This valley of great beauty welcomes travelers for a get away far from the city. Here you‘ll meet much kind and welcoming locals that will guide you throu its daily chores for fruits and vegetables production. For those who decide to explore around there are many farms and haciendas with orchards and colorful gardens that will display blooming of the effort of this hard-working friendly people. Here time stands still combining on one charming picture a marvelous sight of daily rural life. 


Remember, today our health is the priority so we invite you to stay informed on the development of the emergency thwou official channels only. We know we’ll meet again, we’ll travel again but for now, lets take a note on where we’ll go and what we’ll do, after lockdown. 

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