Puyo: wisdom and culture

We know It’s time to stay safe at home but you can always learn more about this wonderful land and wonder around its four worlds in your mind and screens. Our digital journey through Ecuador continues. This week we arrive to Puyolocated in the heart of the Amazon. #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome is our proposal that’ll make you fall in love with our destinations and make you want to know more about the culturenature and every aspect of Ecuadorian‘s life.

Take an up close look to the practices and rituals still performed in the middle of the lush jungle. Here are some of the insights to a destination that should be on your after lockdown list. 

Community life

The province of Pastaza is the homeland for seven of the 32 nationalities registered in Ecuador. It is considered a multicultural destination where it is possible to meet and live with each group, through community tourism. Indigenous nationalities which inhabit this area: WaoraniShiwiarAchuarShuarSaparaAndwa and Kichwa, all with different characteristics and ways of living and believing that makes them unique and invaluable.

Fine ceramics

The women of the association «Kuyan Kuyan Warmi Kuna» who are part of the Kichwa Canelos community handmade beautiful clay pieces, which are sold under the brand «Kuyan Warmi«. The artisan work of the “Clay Weavers” women seeks to capture historical memory through the objects that were used ancientlly and are currently seeking to incorporate them into daily home use. The community is located one hour from the city of Puyo.

Handicrafts and Rituals

Several communities are open to share their ancestral knowledge with travelers. Living together to explore the jungle and be part of rituals of cleansing and purifying chakras with sacred plants, motivates travelers to get up close and personal with life in one of the largest lungs in the world, the Amazon. And to wrap it all up, skilled artisans transform natural resources into beautiful handicrafts such as necklacesfabrics and more, which reflect the knowledge and abilities of our people.

Words of wisdom

The ethnoarchaeological museum stands out with 420 pieces of cultures that lived 2000 years ago, anthropological and fauna samples. Another site is the 12 de Mayo Park, where Puyo was founded with settlers and Kichwas. And learn about the history of fate at the Colegio Pastaza museum that exhibits crafts and various instruments for the use of cultures, as well as the Plaza Cívica Héroes de Cenepa, the Parque de la Mujer and the Casa Museo Jesús Escobar Sancho.

Ancestral medicine

The Omaere Ethnobotanical Park, which means «jungle nature» is a learning space on the use of plants that are used by Amazonian cultures to alleviate ailments and discomforts with the magic of nature and traditional Shuar medicines. and Waorani. The site preserves large collection of plants and trees from the Amazon. Native guides accompany travelers to learn about the history and traditions that are preserved.

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