Rural tourism and local traditions in Bolívar

Breathtaking landscapes, happy friendly people, rural tourism experiences, local traditions and an exquisite gastronomy awaits you in Bolívar, an Ecuadorian Andean destination that has several alternatives to enjoy all at once.

We will travel again and we are committed to stay in Ecuador and roam around its four worlds. Here are 5 reasons to schedule Bolívar on your next destinations.


Bolívar has one of the most representative carnivals in the country, the carnival of Guaranda, however, in its seven cantons this festival reaches every corner. Songs, dances and traditional meals are the ingredients for the gathering of happy people. The festivity must be approached from a syncretic point of view for it links the Catholic traditions of Lent and Holy Week celebrations to indigenous culture related to the fertility of the land.


The hard work and innovation of its people is displayed on the ventures around. Routes through agricultural trails, guided walks, chocolate and cheese production, horseback rides and cycling routes are among the activities for visitors. Its an example of communal work.

Religious Tourism

Another important axis of development in the province is religious tourism, one of the largest festivals in the province is held in San José de Chimbo. The Virgin of Guayco’s festivity congregates more than 150 thousand faithful. The pilgrimage is considered one of the most relevant in the country. This is a great opportunity for visitors to share with locals, enjoy its cuisine and practice some sustainable and rural tourism activities.

Arts and crafts

A world of special details is what Bolívar and its cantons showcase, where their skilled artisans spend hours of their time weaving clothing, necklaces, clay pots, vases, pots and more. Chimbo is also known for its famous guitars and instruments in fine wood manufacture; and also for the elaboration of «enchanted castles» (pirotecnia estructures based on straw).

Legendary meals

A tradition in the province of Bolívar is prepared with a dough based on corn, lard and fresh cheese with annatto. The chigüiles are a heritage of the indigenous culture, which have cultivated corn since ancient times when this food was considered sacred. The preparation is wrapped in a tender corn leaf and steamed. It is often consumed throughout the province from February to March, a time when tender corn leaves are found during the Carnival festivities.

We will enjoy again the best of Ecuador, we’ll capture the moment and share it to the world. Let’s spread the word of how extraordinary the country of the four worlds is. 

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Fall in love with Bolívar

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