Sevilla de Oro, a paradise to discover

These are indoor living times. We should embrace the opportunity to spend some time with our family and pets. Maybe do some excersise inside getting fit and ready to travel again through our diverse country when national parks and reserves open again. That will be the perfect time to visit those off the beaten path places that has so many undiscovered treasures for Ecuadorians and foreigners to discover. Sevilla de Oro is one of them, a place located in the eastern part of Azuay, which is known as: the “Energetic Canton of Ecuador” for several hydroelectric plants on its territory and some of them have guided tours.

To get to this lovely town, I recommend leaving from Cuenca on bus from one of the companies that offer a safe route to the place at local terminal station. It is an approximately 41 miles ride around 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Sevilla de Oro is a destination with a spectacular natural and scenic wealth, our first stop will be the Cruz Loma Tourist Viewpoint, located in the town of Chimul, from there we must start a walk of about 30 minutes until we reach the viewpoint that is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, where it is possible to observe the unique fauna of the Ecuadorian mountains and also a spectacular view. In Chimul we can also admire the Guabense waterfall, tour the beaches of the Collay River, do ecological tourism and practice sport fishing.

Another of the obligatory stops is the Laguna de Cerro Negro, which is 4 kilometers from the center of Sevilla de Oro, a place that thanks to its scenic benefits you can take excellent photographs, in addition to doing adventure tourism and fishing activities.

On the outskirts of the canton, we find the Sevilla de Oro Méndez road (Morona Santiago), better known as the “Avenida de las Cascadas”, during this journey we can admire several of them; among which stand out the “Chorro Blanco Waterfall” and the “Río Negro Waterfall” and its opening to the lagoon of the same name, and it is precisely in the latter where you can feel nature and recharge with tranquility. Undoubtedly, walking this route will captivate your senses and if you dare you can get out of the car and breathe fresh air while listening to the falling of the water.

In short, this canton stands out for the variety of natural attractions it offers, knowing them all will not take more than a day, that is why we recommend that you discover them from home in this time of isolation, and when we can travel, we will visit this destination It is undoubtedly a hidden natural paradise. Write it on your list of upcoming trips!

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