Summer is here!

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Along with the winds came the summer sun to light each corner of the Andes, giving us the chance to step outside and join the adventure in the wild. Mountain trails, paragliding, kayaking or a relaxing day laying over the sand may be some of the activities for this summer lovers in Ecuador.

Get ready to depart and take a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses ’cause we’re heading to the best for summer fun!

It’s the time for sunshine

These the best time of the year for the Pacific coast starting with its wildlife. It’s in summer when the humpback whales arrive to Ecuadorian shores to matte and thrive. It’s the time for love, for whale love and the opportunity to witness it’s dances of love by the sea. You can take a boat trip to take pictures of this giant cetaceans and enjoy a delicious meal after, right by the beach. Perhaps read a book in the sand or jump over a surfboard to catch a wave.

Here you’ll find a guide to whale watching in Ecuador: Santa Elena Guide Whales watching Guide

Trekking and mountaineering

From June to August is open season for Ecuadorian mountains. It’s the best time of the year to travel the Route of the Volcanoes and see the snow capped iconic mountains against a blue open sky. Summer sun calls adventurers to practice many adventure modalities such as: hiking, rock climbing, trail running and mountain biking in the Andes. Enjoy the Avenue of the Volcanoes with mountains at various heights and difficulty level: Cotopaxi, Antisana, Cayambe, Rucu Pichincha, Tungurahua, Chimborazo and others. Make sure your fit and well equipped for each mountain adventure modality.

Exhibitions and museum touring

Ecuador has 175 museums each one of them related to a different branch of knowledge and research. These spaces are the keepers of our historic “mémoires” and allow us to meet some unique invaluable pieces. Most of them are an ancestry heritage itself with patrimonial goods and archaeological collections. In addition, they showcase the mixture of cultures and traditions that created this biodiverse country. Architecture, archeological remains, flora fauna, and a vast artwork is waiting for you. Dare to discover the voices from the past and expand your knowledge.
Ecuadorian museums list

Chocolate and cacao routes

Most recent studies about use and domestication of cacao places Ecuador as the birthplace of the golden bean. Ecuador is the origin of cacao, the main ingredient to prepare delicious chocolate bars with unique flavor and aroma. Exclusiveness only found in Ecuador because of its geographical location. You can found a Cacao route easily on each region of continental Ecuador. In the Andes, Pacific Coast and Amazon many old haciendas and producers have developed a touristic route to connect the tourist to the fruit and its production process.

Here you’ll find a guide to travel this summer one of our famous finest chocolate routes: Northwest guide Palanda Guide Napo Guide

Adventure sports

Rivers, waterfalls, and recreational parks nationwide allow the practice of many adventure sports such as: kayaking, tubbing, canopy and canyoning, most of then set in the Amazon rivers. Plan your trip to the river and enjoy the energetic flow of water. Connect with nature and let yourself be captivated by its beauty.

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