The bride’s mantle and her cable car

Visiting Baños de Agua Santa has always been in my bucket list. And I did my homework talking to some friends of mine who are experts in adventure tourism modalities. They all agreed that this tourist destination in the Tungurahua province has countless possibilities for its visitors to experience some adrenaline rush while keeping it on the budget.

So the day came at last and it was a blast. I discovered that the whole area was full of unique and incredible places. The land conquers each tourist’s heart for different reasons; for crossing under giant waterfalls or canyoning them, jumping over bridges, breathtaking bike routes, rafting on the Pastaza River, hot springs, swinging in one of the most famous swings in the world located in a tree house, name well earned that for its spectacular view and height.

Cable car

The cable car is essentially an iron basket that moves by means of a pulley system, a steel wire that is placed from one end of the canyon to the other and is moved by an engine. It carries tourists from one side to the other so that they do not get soaked descending to the Pastaza River and in the mean time witness closely the beautiful waterfall, all this only for $2.0.

The experience in the cable car of the Bide’s mantle Waterfall allows you to enjoy the scenery landscape along with the thrilling sensations caused by a cable car ride approximately 1476 feet from the ground.

The cable car is 11 kilometers away from the Baños-Puyo road and near the Bride’s Mantle Waterfall. In the La Merced sector, Río Verde parish, there are three cable cars which works both for tourists and the community for crossing to the hamlets of Chin-Chin and San Pedro.

On the tour you can see the Bride’s Mantle waterfall of approximately 131 feet high, its water is transparent with a temperature of 50 ° F, so if you want to you can bathe in their fresh waters.

If you are more of the hiking type, you can go down the path and cross the suspension bridge of more than 328 feet in length crossing over the Pastaza River, until you reach the foot of the waterfall where you can appreciate the flora and fauna, in addition of wonderful winged beings such as hummingbirds.

Remember to always book certified tour operators.

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