The natural beauty of the Cotopaxi National Park

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Nature lovers can count on unique spots in the center of the world. Ecuador has important sites for conservation and care of species, which you can meet when touring between trails and exotic landscapes. The Cotopaxi National Park it is an open invitation to adventure and breathtaking views. So here are some reasons why you should visit this protected area in the Andean highlands:

Bike routes:

The Cotopaxi National Park has trails and routes for cycling activities. Amateur and professional outdoor explorers can walk through old “haciendas”, moorlands, lagoons and other sites of interest. In addition, here is where one of the most important competitions in the country takes place, the “Vuelta al Cotopaxi”, which receives national and foreign athletes who cycle routes between 3,000 and 4,100 meters above sea level, guarded by the imposing Cotopaxi volcano.

Ascend to the peak:

To make the summit it is necessary that the adventurers take the time to get very well acclimatized. The route to climb the volcano begins with the walk to the José Rivas Refuge, considered a climb for advanced level. The ascend to the summit begins in the early hours of the morning. Visitors spend the night in the shelter to continue the journey to the Cotopaxi. It is important that the climbers have adequate clothing and gear, but above all, to reach the top you should hire the guidance of a professional expert in the circuit to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

Camping in the moors:

Breaking the routine and getting out of the city noise it is always a good family plan. In this space you can enjoy contact with nature, wake up with the song of the birds and feel the calm of the moor. The National park has many camping sites but being one of the highest peaks in the Ecuadorian Andes it is necessary for visitors to equip themselves with the appropriate clothing to withstand the Andean cold. Campers will be guarded by the colossus, which on clear days shows its symmetrical cone and the snowy cap that covers its crater. A breathtaking experience.

Horseback riding:

By horseback and fully covered with wool “ponchos”, horseback riding takes us to explore this natural destination. There are several farms around the park that allow visitors to plan horseback riding for several hours and days, which leads to an adventure through the Andean moors at a different pace.

Hiking trails:

There are several trails to learn about the flora and fauna of the place, including the moorlands and the Limpiopumpo Lagoon. The first begins and ends at the Interpretation Center, in the sector known as Mariscal Sucre. The route allows visitors to observe the beauty of Mishauaico canyoning, as well as to see species in the area, a circuit of low difficulty. For its part, the Limpiopungo trail makes the walk along the edge of the lagoon that bears the same name. On this site there are viewpoints and several species of birds to admire and photograph.

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