The natural charm of Paquisha

Paquisha has earned a place on Ecuadorian history mostly for the events of 1981 but this canton from Zamora Chinchipe is much more than a scene from history. Many natural and cultural wonders makes this southern Ecuadorian Amazon region a true treasure to discover. It’s a land of charm that combines its great biodiversity with a long rooted tradition of indigenous nationalities. 

We invite you to discover this destination from home and mark these sites for avisit on your next trip.

You can start by touring the Cisam Lagoon in the Saraguro Cisam indigenous community, in the rural parish of Nuevo Quito, approximately 5 miles from the cantonal head. The lagoon has an area of ​​7.5 hectares and it is navigable on canoes. On the other shore you’ll get the chance to get to know the local crops. It is also the best spot for sighting aquatic birds and small mammals such as: gulls, yamalas and reptiles, including the black caiman.

The tour continues through the mythical Velo de Ninfa waterfall, located in the Bellavista parish, 7 miles from Paquisha. It has a water fall approximately 230 feet high. Its crystal clear waters come from the upper part of the mountain range. You’ll find a camp site right there. 

Another must see is La Resbaladera waterfall, located 1.5 miles from the rural parish of Nuevo Quito, its main tributary is the Chinapintza. It falls 99 feet and in its surroundings there is abundant primary forest. There are some camp sites to enjoy the night with the family and bird watching and extreme sports activities at day. Also visit the Río Blanco waterfalllocated in the neighborhood that bears the same name.  It is about 32 feet high, a dream place to look at the rooster of the rock, a species of great interest to experts.

Continue the trip to the Sol Caliente beach resort, which has a pool of natural and crystalline waters from a spring in the Cordillera del Cóndor mountain range.

But you cannot leave without trying the delicious gastronomy of Paquishaprepared with many fish types such as tilapia, bocachico, chui, white fish and mojarras.

Give a try to the typical flavors of the area, which combine recipes from the Shuar, mestizos, Saraguros and Afro-Ecuadorian cultures. The guinea pig with potatoes, Creole chicken broth, beef broth, corn chicha, guarapohoney with cheese and the traditional “pinchi micuna”, which is served at the Inti Raymi festivals, stands out in its gastronomy in the month of June.

If scientific tourism is your thing, in Paquisha, botanists and ornithologists agree that it is a paradise to discoveras it is believed that there are still species of flora and fauna without inventory, this may be your opportunity.

Finally we advise you to contract tour packages with certified tour operators, to guarantee a unique and safe experience. For now #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome and plan your trip to Paquisha, an Amazonian destination that you will never forget

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