Top 5: natural beauties of Zamora Chinchipe

We know you are eager to return to the natural destinations in Ecuador for its undoubtful beauty and especially because you remember well how that connection with nature felt out there. It’s the heartbeat and vibrating energy that moves us on ever sunrise. How long can we contain it? We know it is the time to stay at home but do take the time to get ready and fit to wander again around the Country of the Four Worlds.

Today we want to talk about a destination from the Amazonian province of Zamora Chinchipe, at the southeast of Ecuador. We invite you to #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome and here is our top 5 of Nature unmissable spots in Zamora Chinchipe.

Podocarpus National Park

An area of ​​great endemism and biodiversity shared between the Loja and Zamora Chinchipe provinces. Discover species of flora and fauna of the Andean moorland ecosystems, cloud forests and scrub areas. Walk along nature trails to beautiful lagoons, observe the orchids and the forests of pituca, soda, carunga, cashco, duco and latero trees. More than 600 species of birds and animals inhabit the place, such as deer, cougars, spectacled bears, wolves, lizards and more.


The second most populous city in Zamora Chinchipe has extensive areas of vegetation, rivers, waterfalls, caves, and majestic natural sites. Yantzaza is a shuar term which means «Valley of the fireflies», so do not be surprised to see many of them flying around at dusk and night. The Los Guayacanes trail is a great option to take some fresh air while enjoying the surroundings. Other alternatives are caves and waterfalls visits to renew your energy on this energetic sites.


The canton shows one of the most important findings for Ecuadorian history. palanda is the site for the World’s oldest production of Chocolate with many fine and aromatic cocoa beans where found, the raw material for the elaboration of the finest chocolates. Here you should definitely visit the Santa Ana-La Florida Archaeological Site, where the Mayo-Chinchipe-Marañón culture lived, the first settlers to use cocoa around 5,300 years ago. Other areas to fall in love with Palanda are: the San Luis waterfall and the Tayos cave.


Canoe rides along the river channels to spot local species are highly recommended. It’s a slow ride to connect with the biodiversity of a living laboratory and enjoy the nature around. Walking trails where you’ll be able to listen and admire more than 500 species that hide among the lush and mysterious Amazon rainforest.


The canton is famous for its great biological diversity, which is part of the Cordillera del Cóndor. Rock formations of great beauty make up unique landscapes and the perfect setting for various activities in contact with Mother Nature. In the Velo de Ninfa and Resbaladera waterfalls enjoy a good refreshing dip; in the Cisam lagoon you will capture beautiful postcards; and in its natural trails and thick jungle observe unique birds with beautiful colors and sweet songs.

We continue pour journey around Ecuador and its destinations from home. Do not stay behind #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome and share with us your best photographs.

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