Traditional Christmas flavors

One of the happiest times of the year comes with Christmas. Solidarity, love and tradition are important during the celebrations of this season; which are also accompanied by the most exquisite local flavors, those that make us feel in harmony.

Christmas Eve dinner is very important within local tradition, families come together to prepare fantastic  savory and sweet dishes.

In your family reunion there will be a special banquet to taste this day. Get to know some of the traditional dishes that will be prepared for Christmas in Ecuador. Check the list and see if you’ve tried all of them.

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The reason of the tradition about eating turkey in America and Europe is because this types of birds are large (10 kilos), enough to supply a whole family. In Ecuador, several days in advance, the turkey is marinated; In addition, in the inside you can find pieces of meat, vegetables, olives and fruits. It’s baked for at least two hours and served accompanied with plum, passion fruit or mushroom sauces. Without a doubt, it’s the protagonist of the table.

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Christmas rice
The Christmas rice recipe has several versions, all of them are typical of Latin America. For this preparation, a rehash is made where several basic ingredients of this season are combined, such as: peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, walnuts, raisins, almonds and other dry fruits.

Seafood feast
Mainly, in the coastal provinces, shellfish is the main attraction. Shrimp, fish, squid, prawns, octopus or fresh shells of the best quality are consumed in different presentations and with different sauces. For example, the fish is marinated the day before with fine herbs and wine.

In the center of the country, especially in Ambato, delicious tamales are made that are served preliminary to the main course. The tamales are wrapped prepared with a thin dough and filled with chicken or hen; in addition, they are accompanied by olives, raisins and peppers.

Pristiños and buñuelos
These traditional sweets from the Ecuadorian capital city, Quito, arrived in the country at the colonial period and became the characteristic Christmas dessert. Pristiños are fried and crunchy flour dough in the shape of a crown, served with honey from panela melts in water and sweet spices. The buñuelos are circular dumplings made from flour, milk, eggs and yeast, they are accompanied with light or dark honey.

Thanks to the diversity of products and the gastronomic legacy of the country, to these delicacies are also added other preparations such as pork, manabita sponge cake, Christmas trunk, rompope and many more. How many have you already tried?

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