A Wild Garden at the Jerusalem Forest

Once you cross the threshold of this wild garden at the Jerusalem Forest, you enter with no doubt into a very special place. It is not only about its natural beauty. I say this because it is one of the very few examples of the Andean Dry Forest, an ecosystem that despite being constantly threatened by development, it still displays its diverse uniqueness.

A garden in the wilderness

It is a garden in the wilderness, home to native species that have interacted to guarantee their mutual survival. The big carob trees (algarrobo) host a series of epiphytes on its branches. Its shadow allows smaller plants to thrive on the ground and keep the moisture in spite of the harsh conditions of wind, humidity, and sandy soil. Beautiful cacti and succulents of all shape and sizes are evidence of the scarcity of water. This community is a showcase of the local ecology in every turn.

Wild Garden Jerusalem Forest

This magical wild garden is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. At the Jerusalem forest the weather is not too warm, not to cold, and with a lot of options to explore. You can walk along paths to discover the local flora and spot unusual insects, reptiles, or birds.

There are nine camping areas in the wild, well equipped with places to cook, eat, play, and clean up. With the entrance fee, you can also ride a scenic train, swim in a pool, and kids can ride a horse.

If sports are your thing, you can play football, volleyball or basketball, but it is probably not the favorite attraction for people seeking wilderness and ecology.

How to go from Quito?

If you are visiting Quito, less than an hour away you can experience pristine nature at 2.500 meters above sea level, in the middle of the world at the wild garden Jerusalem forest. Do not miss it.

 “All elements on Earth, including humans, are interdependent. For that reason, when a resource is used, you ask for permission and take only what you need”

Reflections along the paths at the Jerusalem Forest
Wild Garden Jerusalem Forest

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