Yanacocha, the unexplored side of the Pichincha volcano

By Escape Natura

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The Pichincha volcano is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Quito. To the west, the mountain faces the vibrance of urban development in the Andes, busy roads, and city lights. To the other side, at the Yanacocha Reserve you enter a threshold of peacefulness and inspiration that presents a different image: continuous slopes of forest and rocks descending from more than 4.000 meters towards the Coast, and sometimes even merging with an ocean of clouds.

Only 40 minutes after leaving the city behind, you can discover the Páramo and High Andean Forest ecosystems. It is a very unique place because it supplies water to Quito. This has made the steep hillside accesible for tourists and birdwatchers, in order to allow the water to continue its path. It seems hard to think that you can hike up to 13 kilometers in the Andes on a flat road, but this happens at Yanacocha, which can be visited even in a wheelchair (for about 5 kms).

Fundación Jocotoco has bought this land to preserve the home of the zamarrito pechinegro (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), a hummingbird that is now a critically endangered species. Tourism helps finance the conservation efforts in the area. Let yourself be amazed by this place. By following the Inca Trail, you will find giant leaves that can measure up to two meters, or the Hummingbird Garden, where you can sit and watch dozens of birds fly by you. If you want a long hike, go through five tunnels and reach the Mindo River Waterfall, which originate at the core of the mountain. At the end of this trail, you will see the Guagua Pichincha volcano right above you, like you have never seen it before.

Support conservation and restoration of biodiversity by taking an adventure for yourself at the Yanacocha Reserve.

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