Travelers can feel again peace, love, adrenaline, freedom and curiosity in the magical land of the four worlds: Ecuador. These and many other emotions are the ones Ecuador invites visitors to experience in the Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast and Galapagos. After a wonderful tour around Ecuador, 18 international contemporary artists shared the feelings they experienced.

The artists, who came from Germany, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, toured for five days around fascinating destinations in the country. They learned about Ecuador’s tourism potential: beautiful landscapes, protected areas that host abundant wildlife, delicious cuisine, variety of ecosystems and regions, important historical and heritage places, and friendly people in its four worlds.


The United States team visited the Galapagos Islands. The four members mentioned that the Enchanted Islands are a unique place in the world. "Every corner in Galapagos is a paradise. What I had seen in photographs about this place does not look anything like what I saw when I was there; it is surprising, it is unique", said the American photographer Scott Pommier. On the other hand, photographer Brendan van Son, another member of this team, said in his Twitter account: "I have no idea how I am going to choose a batch of images of the Galapagos Islands. It is crazy the amount of beauty found there!”


The Canadian artists experienced the warm weather and the spectacular scenery of the Pacific Coast: "Ecuador is a country of sensations that invites tourists to dream of unique experiences", said the members of Team Canada. Benoit Paille said that "Ecuador has much natural material to produce fantastic series and show the world its beauty". Jeff Bartlett, adventure photographer, said the following about Los Frailes beach in Manabi: "it is an epic beach and at the same time a protected national park (Machalilla)".


The German team explored the mountains and valleys of the Andes. There, the European artists had the opportunity to visit the Quilotoa lagoon, in Cotopaxi, Cuenca, Riobamba and other beautiful destinations. Steve Hänisch, travel blogger and audiovisual producer, said that Ecuador is a country where one "can interact with the local people along the journey". "I have had an overdose of tenderness", he said on his Twitter account, referring to the photograph of a little boy in the Andes. In another photo, this time in a gazebo in the Quilotoa volcano, Hänisch said: "I feel free again in the Quilotoa lake, Ecuador".


Also, in his Twitter account, Hänisch published a photograph of Cuenca, and said: "Cuenca is our last stop in Ecuador; what a beautiful city in the southern part of the country!". About Quito, Jeff Bartlett said that "Downtown Quito is probably the most impressive in Latin America", referring to a photograph captured at La Ronda Street. On the other hand, Yukiko stated that the traditional cuisine is delicious: "The cuy has exquisite taste". They described Ecuador in a word: "inspiring".


The team from the United Kingdom toured the lush Ecuadorian Amazon, travelling up to the Yasuni National Park, the most mega-diverse place on earth. Conor MacNeill, travel and destinations photographer said on his Twitter account, "Yesterday we saw an anaconda in the Amazon region of Ecuador!". There, they visited canals and sewage lagoons; they observed native flora and fauna found in the Amazon jungle and felt the strength and positive energy of nature around them. They did all this in a luxurious eco hotel in the middle of the Yasuni National Park.









Brendan Marc Reisbig

Animator and filmmaker

Won the WPP Cover Illustration award in 2006. Among his filmic portfolio, the highlights are short films like "Time is running out" (animation, 2007) and Lexdysia (mixed media, 2011)

Scott Pommier

Commercial photography and filmmaker

He stands out in commercial photography, where he has been recognized as one of the best in the world when it comes to capturing images of cars.

Andrew Thomas Norton

Filmmaker, director and producer of audio

He stands out on the list of the best PRX.ORG new artists in both 2012 and 2013. His latest project "How to age gracefully" for the CBC radio program, WireTap, received over one million hits in its first day online.

Brendan Van Son


Travel photography and journalism are his forte. He has visited around 80 countries on six continents. His work has been published in major media such as The Guardian, BBC and National Geographic Traveler. Ecuador is ranked number 11 in the ranking of preferred countries to travel.






Rick Leong


 His large-scale works incorporate a holistic view of the Canadian landscape and the artist's relationship with it. His works have been exhibited individually and collectively in the National Gallery of Canada, the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Two Rivers Gallery (Prince George), and Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax). In 2008, he was a finalist in the Royal Bank of Canada Painting Competition

Benoit Paille Photographer

He became a self-taught photographer. His work has been included in several publications around the world. He has had exhibits in Canada, Japan, the United States, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and France. He has also given workshops on photography and art in Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mexico and Turin.

Jesse Louttit Visual artist

He is a visual artist who integrates photography, film and art. He was the winner of the 2011 Portfolio Reviews Exhibition Award in the Contact Photography Festival. During his career he has won several awards as a director, including one for Applied Arts Award for Cinematography and for Cinematographer Craft and Art Directors Club of Canada Broadcast Cinematography Award.

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Jeff Barlett Photographer and writer

Jeff Bartlett defines himself as an adventurer, photographer and writer. He has predilection for the compelling stories that take place outdoors. "Being a photographer and a writer of adventure outdoors is not an option, it is a vocation," he emphasizes.






Rocket & Wink



Gerald Rocketson and Petronius Amund Wink are the formula that makes Rocket & Wink. Design is the core of the day, whatever the field may be: advertising, branding, creative direction, drawing, painting, typography, photography, street art, publishing design, exhibitions, packaging printing, Web.



Art directors, graphic designers and photographers

Michelle Phillips and Johannes Conrad are two
artists who have joined to form Yukiko. Together they form the perfect formula on issues related to art direction, graphic design and photography. They were awarded in the category for Best Magazine in the 2014 D & AD Awards. They also won a distinction in the 2014 ADC Germany and a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in the Type Directors Club.

Steve Hanisch


Blogger and filmmaker

He is the editor of the “Traveling the World” magazine.
He is a blogger and a travel storyteller; he is also a producer and director of videos related to the marketing of destinations, hotels and tour operators.










Sara Thomas


Blogger and photojournalist

This photojournalist shares stories and pictures of her travels, as well as the best beauty discoveries made along the way. She has worked on projects with numerous brands, such as Modalu, First Choice, Clinique, Thomson Travel and Witch Skincare.


Jason Hindley


Photographer and director

He is an award-winning advertising photographer, renowned for creating incredibly compelling images from the most ordinary things. This image artist has been named one of the "200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide".


Michelle Esther Teichmann


Conceptual artist


In 2014, Esther was the winner of the de Levallois Prize. Her work has appeared in publications like New Photography, in Britain, 100 New Artists, ArtReview, Bedeutung, Cabinet, Austria Camera, Capricious, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian, Espuma Magazine, Piktogram, Qvest Editions, Source, Time Out, Wallpaper * and 032C.

Conor MacNeill



He is a travel photographer. His natural landscape and urban photographs have turned him into one of the most important artists in his country. He has given several lectures and workshops. Among his clients are: National Geographic, Instagram, Marriott International, Jameson, Hyundai, Davidoff, The Times & The Sunday Times.




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