Two videos produced by Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism won international awards. The first belongs to the "All You Need Is Ecuador" campaign, which won the award for "Best Video of the Americas", within the contest of promotional videos of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


On the other hand, the advertising spot "Sombras (Shadows)”, from the "Power Ecuador Tourist National Campaign" won Gold in the 2015 Independent Advertising Festival (FEPI), held in Rosario, Argentina.

The award was presented as part of the "Inodoro Pereyra" Awards in the 2015 Independent Advertising Festival (FEPI) that took place during the last week of September 2015. The spot aired in May, 2015.


The video was selected from over a thousand pieces, which were evaluated by 60 renowned professionals from 15 countries. The 30-second promotional spot, that shows through shadows the warmth and friendliness of the people, as the protagonists of the beauty of Ecuador, won first place in the categories of Art Direction in Cinema, TV and Integral Film Production.

Ecuador also won awards in the categories: Social Video, Digital Campaigns, Public Relations - Corporate Social Responsibility, Art Direction in Public Roads, Graphic Design - Packaging, Graphics Drafting, product campaigns, Illustration - pieces with original artwork, movies television, among others.

Materials from 22 countries participated in the 2015 FEPI edition: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Puerto Rico. They did it through agencies, designers, producers, consultants and independent learners.


"All You Need Is Ecuador" Spot


It received the award for "Best Video of the Americas", within the promotional videos contest of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The results were known on September 16 in the framework of the XXI WTO General Assembly, held in Medellin, Colombia, from September 12 to 17. Tourism Minister, Sandra Naranjo, through her Twitter account, announced the news with the following message: Twitter account, announced the news with the following message:

We won! Ecuador has the best touristic videos in the Americas, according to@UNWTO #AllYouNeedIsEcuador



Congratulations to all #UNWTO Tourism Video Competition Winners! Find all winners here: owly/SiBlv


This promotional piece shows the beauty and diversity of Ecuadorin terms of scenery, flora and fauna, ecosystems, regions, adventure activities, ethnic, cultural and gastronomic offers. Because of these features, Ecuador is a country that attracts curious tourists from around the world, especially those who want to experience intensely that the four worlds possess: Amazon, Andes, Coast and Galapagos. Each world (region) has unique destinations to which visitors can access easily.


The video was produced with 'visual emotion' technique, which aims to generate emotions through images. With this specific realization feature, a milestone was marked in domestic tourism, by introducing Ecuador as the country of the four worlds, with a compact territory that has everything relatively close.

The OMT promotional videos contest was first held on the occasion of the twenty-first session of the WTO General Assembly. A great benefit is that it provides the organization´s States members a great opportunity to show their creative work in the field of tourism promotion. The contest awarded the most outstanding videos of each country, recognizing the importance of multimedia communication in marketing and the promotion of tourist destinations, as reported by the WTO web portal.


The jury was made up of the presidents of the Regional Commissions, who chose the winners of each region in which WTO operates. The results were announced at the General Assembly held in Medellin, Colombia. Additionally, there was the option for the general public to vote online, on the WTO website button, as the institution´s website reported.

The criteria to be met by the participating videos were: the video must be part of an official national tourism campaign conducted from 2011; the video had to be representative of tourism in the country; finally, the audiovisual material should contain the name of the country it represents, according to information obtained from the WTO website. During the contest, the videos were published and were disseminated through the WTO website.

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