During five days, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador and local tour operators toured various cities in Germany and Nordic countries, promoting Ecuador as a world class destination.


On Monday, October 26, 2015 began the Ecuador Love Life Roadshow in Frankfurt, Germany. On Tuesday 27, at the Berlin Hilton Hotel, the Ambassador of Ecuador in that country, Jorge Jurado, welcomed the companies participating in the event. The tour also toured Hamburg, Stockholm and Denmark.


The trip was intended to give support to 12 exhibitors from the tourism sector of Ecuador to establish new business contacts with operators, travel agencies and European distributors. The main objective was to promote the destination’s offer in the country of the four worlds, so that operators in Germany and the Nordic countries would know more about Ecuador and would sell it better.


Several activities were carried out in each city: a presentation of destination Ecuador; raffles were trips to Ecuador were given as prize; business conferences in which Ecuadorian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange information and do business with tour operators in each city; finally, cocktails were held after each workday. Each session was attended by over 50 entrepreneurs and operators.


Ambassador Jurado stressed to 65 German professionals of the tourism businesses that "the increase in public investment in tourism has led to the construction of 30 tourism projects, with an investment of USD 750 million, between 2015 and 2016. In 2014, tourism held the third place in income in the non-oil trade balance, contributing with more than $ 129 million”.


The diplomat noted that the number of visits of German tourists to Ecuador has increased by 6% compared to 2007; he also pointed to the "pleasant surprises that await them in Ecuador, thanks to the Ecuadorian gastronomy and other aspects very well known in Europe", said Jurado.


Tour Operators in Ecuador:

EPR Travel

Eco Andes Travel

Latin Trails

Geo Reisen

Royal Galapagos


Haugan Cruises / La Selva Lodge

Tren Ecuador

Surpass Travel

Klein Tours

Andean Travel Group

Galapagos Experience


Itinerary (October):

Monday 26: Frankfurt, Germany

Tuesday 27: Berlin, Germany

Wednesday 28: Hamburg, Germany

Thursday 29: Stockholm, Sweden

Friday 30: Copenhagen, Denmark


Participation of Ecuador in IMEX Las Vegas


From October 13 to 15, Ecuador participated in IMEX Las Vegas fair in the United States. This fair specializes in events for the tourism segment, it covers conventions, conferences, incentive trips and the organization of fairs in America.


The fair was attended by more than 3,000 buyers from the US and the international market. Ecuador was present with five co-exhibitors, including the Quito Bureau, the Guayaquil Bureau, Hilton Colon Quito, Guayaquil Sheraton Hotel and Klein Tours.


More than 80 business appointments took place, where Quito and Guayaquil were promoted as ideal destinations to host important events. Likewise, tourism in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands was presented to motivate incentive trips. The fair was attended by representatives of more than 150 countries, and it included a strong presence of Latin American countries.


Presence of Ecuador at ITB Asia in Singapore


Ecuador participated in ITB Asia, held in Singapore from October 29 to 31, 2015. The stand of the Ministry of Tourism promoted tourist destinations in the country, aimed at attracting the interest of India and China markets. The purpose was to make these countries strategic entry points to open Ecuador in the Asian market.


ITB Asia is the first step to promote Ecuador in Asia, a potential market with 4.39 billion people (population in 2015), according to the Population Pyramid. Ecuador participated with the following tour operators: Surtrek, Napo Wildlife Center, ECOANDES and Klein Tours.


Irene Landivar, International Markets Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, met with 28 leading tour operators from the Asian market. The meeting's objective was to promote the tourist destinations of the four worlds.


The promotion of Ecuador has successfully been made through the campaign All You Need Is Ecuador and its second phase called Feel Again. In ITB Asia a gastronomic exhibition was held using Ecuadorian flagship products, such as chocolate. Also, the vision of the Ministry of Tourism was presented, which promotes awareness and sustainable tourism.


Asia is a potential (opportunity) market, that still does not provide a large volume of tourist arrivals, but that is consolidating. Therefore, Ecuador considers important to approach the Asian market in order to generate growth in visitors to the country of the four worlds, in the medium and long terms.


More than 9,000 representatives of the tourism sector of 110 countries participated in the fair. It is considered one of the most important tourism fairs worldwide and it includes a series of forums, seminars, workshops and meetings where tour operators can offer travel products and services.

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