The Notimerica site, published by Europe Press, interviewed the Vice Minister of Tourism of Ecuador, Dominic Hamilton. At the meeting, held in Madrid, several issues were reviewed around some areas of work developed by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador.


Some points discussed in the interview were: details of the Feel Again campaign, the reception the tourism promotion strategies have received abroad, and the impact of the tourism sector on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the national economy.


They also talked about the places where tourists come from and the priority markets in which Ecuador focuses its campaigns and strategies. Additionally, they discussed about community and nature tourism, their positive impact on the sustainability of indigenous people, and the territory in which these initiatives operate.


The interview addressed the relationship between Ecuador and Spain, being the latter a major trading partner of this Andean country. They also spoke of the political and economic context of Ecuador and its relationship with multilateral agencies.


Hamilton highlighted the importance of tourism as a driving force for national development and economy. He mentioned that the Government has the goal to make tourism represent 10% of the country´s GDP in 2020, given that this sector could become the second largest source of income for Ecuador, placed after oil revenue.


To see the full interview, please click here.

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