With a vast experience in Public Management and a highlighted academic trajectory, Sandra Naranjo assumed the role as Minister of Tourism on July 1st.

Naranjo has studied Economy for 12 years. Thus she has committed the passion of working for her country with this new challenge as head of the Ministry of Tourism with a vision of the tourism industry as an economic instrument for development.

Her arrival to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism will contribute fresh ideas to continue with the efforts on making Ecuador a Tourism Power and aiming on tourism becoming the number 1 source of non-oil revenues (currently occupies fourth place).

Continuing with the work of the outgoing Minister, Vinicio Alvarado, Naranjo aims to increase the arrivals of tourists in at least 10% this year, hoping to get approximately 1’500,000 arrivals.

Naranjo has a strong preparation and vast academic career. She received her degree in Economy and Finance with honors and a mention in mathematics. Furthermore, she has a graduate degree in Project Design, Management and Evaluation for Development from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO).

Her studies didn’t end there; she also has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and International Development from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

The new Minister of Tourism worked during five years with President Rafael Correa Delgado as the General Coordinator of Control and Management of Presidential Commitments. There she developed the System for Presidential Commitments Management, which is currently used to follow and achieve the results in the government’s priority programs.

Naranjo also carried on the research of the president’s book: Ecuador: de Banana Republic a la no republic.

Her work experience has linked her to the tourism industry. She worked on a socioeconomic study for the World Bank on a new methodological proposal to measure the tourism industry’s loss due to lack of sanitation in Bali, Indonesia, a popular world travel destination of high expense.

She has committed all her efforts and knowledge for Ecuador to continue on its way to become a Tourism Power. The Ministry of Tourism will maintain the teamwork with all the actors of this important area of Ecuador’s economic development.


Source: Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

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