The Ministry of Tourism – MINTUR - has developed a new initiative that intends to promote religious tourism through a Course on Religious Heritage Management and Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean through the fusion of faith tourism and cultural tourism, focusing mainly in the architectural and cultural wealth that Ecuador possesses.


The Undersecretary of Tourism Development of the MINTUR, Christian Mera, reported that work is being done to strengthen the religious tourism as a strategy to attract international tourists. This requires starting to improve the quality of the local cultural and liturgical offer. The visit to Ecuador that Pope Francisco will do in June is a unique opportunity for Ecuador to display itself before the world as an excellent destination for those who like this kind of tourism.


She also noted that, at present, Quito already has the Religious Passport - Road to Spirituality, a tourism product that was distributed in Quito during Easter and that contains information on the main churches of the city.


The course is aimed at municipal officials in the areas of tourism, culture and planning; organizations and companies related to the management of religious heritage; and undergraduate and graduate students in the careers of tourism, humanities, social sciences and related fields.

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