Ecuador is a nation that has a vast historical, cultural and natural heritage. It is a country that offers a lot in its small territory: nature, adventure, and beautiful architecture, a place where there is an enormous wealth of churches and buildings of the Catholic religion. This makes the country a power in religious tourism segment.


High End Tourism according to Andrea Schnoor 

Balance is a term that encompasses the main characteristics of sustainable tourism. Globally, this segment of tourism is booming due to strong pressures that human activities, such as tourism, have on ecosystems and communities. Ecuador, as a country which houses wonderful biological and cultural riches, has several options for sustainable tourism in its territory.

A rushing river with cold waters that descends from the Andes through an unbelievable array of green and foggy mountains in the higher zone, huge trees on the riversides, mammals, birds and insects that emit their characteristic sounds, a slight drizzle that gently falls on the Amazon jungles and a set of sensorial experiences all set the tone for the Adventure that is about to begin in Napo, a province of the Amazon region, in the home country of the four worlds: Ecuador.

Comfort and luxury amidst lush landscapes and ecosystems are part of what services and high-end establishments provide in Ecuador. In these places one can combine activities such as observing flora and fauna, adventure sports, watching landscapes, along with rest and relaxation options. In the most beautiful places of the country's four worlds: Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast and Galapagos, there are several options to experience Luxury Tourism.

History: The equestrian tradition in the Andes of Ecuador dates back from several centuries ago, when the inhabitants of the villages, towns and farms travelled through small roads throughout the Andean Region on horseback and in carriages. At present, the rides purpose is mainly tourism or to celebrate festive days, in which one can enjoy watching beautiful landscapes with snowcapped volcanoes, forests and Andean highlands. For these reasons, Ecuador is the ideal destination for exciting rides.

Small, colorful, with bizarre shapes, different sizes, hanging stems and epiphytes are some of the characteristics that describe the beautiful orchids, flowers that abound in some regions of Ecuador: land of orchids. The country of the four worlds has the smallest orchid known in botanical field: the Teagueia puroana species.


Dazzling golden altarpieces. Stunning images and religious paintings. Stately convents and churches. These are some of the characteristics that describe the invaluable historical and cultural legacy one can see at the historic quarter of Quito and Guapulo. The Quito School of Art was the forerunner of this artistic boom.


With a vision of the future, the Ministry of Tourism implements compatible strategies related to the issue of sustainability, not only in terms of increased tourist arrivals, but additionally, focusing on the redistribution of wealth within the country.



The Republic of Ecuador is located in South America and it is bordered to the north by Colombia and to the south by Peru. It has four regions perfectly marked by their nature, climate and geography: Galapagos, Pacific Coast, Andes and Amazon, so we call it the country of the Four Worlds.