Quito (06 - 05 - 2015): within the framework of the Tourism Quality Year, the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador launched this week the first phase of its 2015 National Tourism Training Program aimed at operational and complementary actors (craftsmen, taxi drivers, policemen, etc.). 


On Wednesday May 13, Antonio del Rosal, ATTA Executive Director (Adventure Travel Trade Association) put forward a training session for the Ecuadorian tour operators members of this entity. This dealt over several issues related to adventure tourism and aimed to prepare professionals of this sector for the next FAM trip which will take place from June 14 to 24.


Virtuoso, the largest network of advisors and luxury tourism entities in the world, including 355 agencies with more than 9,000 elite travel specialists in 26 countries and 1,700 of the best travel suppliers, shared the list of the most attractive countries worldwide in 2015. To do this, the data of more than 35 billion transactions were used. 


From April 27 to 30, Quito hosted the International Conference on Sustainable Ecotourism 2015 (Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 2015). The Itchimbia Cultural Center received 381 Ecuadorian and foreign experts from over 30 countries. 





The national campaign Ecuador Tourist Power was presented by the Minister Sandra Naranjo on Thursday May 7. The aim of the campaign is to contribute to the development of tourism by promoting the hospitality of Ecuadorians, who receive domestic and foreign travelers, looking after and enhancing the tourist attractions of Ecuador. 


Known as the travel industry Oscars, the 2015 World Travel Awards is one of the most important events in terms of destinations and tourist attractions. This year, they are going to be held in Bogota, Colombia.



The Ministry of Tourism aims to improve tourism services in the country through the National Tourism Training Program. 









Francisco de Orellana (04-15-2015) .- The Zonal 2 Coordination of the Ministry of Tourism formed the Sector Citizen Council with the participation of: tour operators, accommodation, food and drink, crafts, community tourism centers and river transport of Orellana.






Quito, (30-04-2015).- It will be very difficult to match this conference." That's how Kelly Bricker, president of TIES (The International Ecotourism Society), defined the ESTC15 (International Conference on Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism 2015). Bricker said that none of the attendees were bored or left the conference. All participants spoke about interesting subjects and no one repeated information.







On the second day, the conference ESTC15 took place at Itchimbía Cultural Center in Quito, where the conservation of the environment and sustainable tourism are the focus of the event which brings together tourism professionals seeking new alternatives where ecotourism merges with economic development.