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The Webinar 'Be an XPRT on Quito' set a record on the tarde's interest on Ecuador's tourism


 The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism, in conjunction with EKOS, successfully trained 425 tour operators from more than 10 countries around the world on Quito, as part of the campaign All You Need is Ecuador focused on the trade of international tourism.


In a total of three days, from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 of September, "Be An Expert in Quito" webinars were conducted in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.


Due to the webinar's popularity, a total of 7 seminars were given on Quito with a 98% of satisfaction from the participants.


This free training was aimed at the agents who are linked to the tourism industry, in order to generate greater knowledge about the city of Quito and its history, tourism products and general information, necessary to motivate tourists to this destination, located in the showcase of the world..


Watch the webinar and download the sales material on Quito on the language you prefer:


Quito: travel through the centuries and discover the heritage

 Quito's Publicity Video

By simply walking down the street of the Seven Crosses (Garcia Moreno) and getting lost for a few hours, the traveler will be fascinated by the hidden treasures of Ecuador’s capital city. Most buildings and houses that are still standing go back to the days of the early Republic (and some to the days of the Spanish colony).

This is the capital city closest to the sun in its 2,850 meters (9350 feet) above sea level and it is the only place where travelers can stand on the Equator, at the 0°0’0’’ point with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere.

Several reasons make Quito one of the Leader Destinations of South America and one of the Best Destinations to Discover in the world, according to National Geographic Traveler Magazine and TripAdvisor.


Webinar Hosts Profiles

Rodrigo Salas (ES)

Rodrigo Salas Vaca


Spanish Host and Webinar producer


Marketing Consultant & Advisor in Promotion and Tourism Development. 
Editor in touristic publications. 

Specialist in management and promotion of touristic destinations with a professional formation and specialized courses in Ecuador, Colombia, United States, Spain, Holland and Belgium in subjects of destination development, commerce, culture, promotion and marketing. 

18 + years of experience in the touristic industry, in both private and public sectors and NGOs, as well as the coordination, organization and logistic management in-situ in more than 50 fairs, presentations, exhibitions and international events of tourism. 

Knowledgeable in the 24 providences of Ecuador and of 88 multiple cities in 22 different countries in America, Europe and Africa.  

Fluent in 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian & Portuguese.

Francisco Dousdebés (EN)

Francisco“Pancho” Dousdebés


English Host


Francisco Dousdebés was born in Quito, Ecuador. He studied Biology and in 1986 became a Naturalist Guide for the Galapagos National Park. He also studied Broadcasting Communications in 1988.


He worked for the Science Museum of Minnesota, and got his Scuba Diving certification. Further education includes Hospitality Management and he was Cruise Director of Yacht Isabela II, a luxury expedition vessel in Galapagos.


In 2000 he led the Galapagos Expedition Department of Ecuador’s largest tour operator, Metropolitan Touring, where he was in charge of developing the expedition philosophy, managing Naturalist Guides and training the sales staff of his company and clients all over the Americas.


For many years Francisco led the Environmental Affairs Department of Ecuador’s Metropolitan Touring and designed sustainable strategies that allowed minimizing the environmental footprint of tour operations, as well as corporate development.


In 2009, he was a finalist in the Heart of Green Awards due to his environmental leadership. He also lectures on natural history of Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, and focuses on natural selection, evolution, and sustainable tourism.


Until February 2014, Francisco was the Commercial Manager for three key markets in Ecuador’s inbound tourism: Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Currently, he is the Galápagos Product Manager for Yacht La Pinta and Yacht Isabela II.

Roberto Alonso-Rodhe (DE)

Roberto Alonso-Rodhe

Presentador en Alemán


Guía de turismo con amplia experiencia en los distintos destinos que conforman Ecuador para reconocidos operadores turísticos.


Especialista en manejo y promoción de Destinos Turísticos con formación profesional y cursos de especialización.


Posee conocimiento de las 24 provincias de Ecuador y habla con fluidez los idiomas: alemán, español e inglés.


Paúl Salazar (FR / PT)

Paúl Salazar

Presentador en Francés y Portugués


Conoce el país como la palma de su mano, amante de la naturaleza y eventos al aire libre. También es andinista y fotógrafo por afición.


Es guía nacional y guía naturalista.  Tiene experiencia conduciendo grupos turísticos de Franceses y Brasileños por más de 20 años en el Ecuador continental y Galápagos.


En la actualidad está al mando de dos empresas que se encargan del transporte turístico y de viajes de aventura por los cuatro mundos de Ecuador: Andes, Amazonía, Costa del Pacífico y Galápagos. 


Además, le encanta participar en las ferias internacionales fuera de Ecuador, representando al país y promocionando los destinos turísticos únicos que ofrece. 


Following Webinars:

  • Be an Expert on Cuenca: December 16 & 17 


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