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On July 21 and 22 five webinars (online seminars) on Ecuador’s Tren Crucero were succesfully given in five languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German).


The cruise train (Tren Crucero) is now renowned internationally, even more everyday. The British Guild of Travel Writers Awards in London named it as a Wider World Project outside of Europe 2013. The train also won as “South America’s Leading Luxury Train” at the World Travel Awards 2014, known as the Oscars of Tourism.


The main technical characteristics and planning details, including the Train’s routes and itineraries, were described during these sessions. Thus, over 200 tour operators worldwide were trained to ensure an effective sale of Tren Crucero and its 456 km-long route through the Ecuadorian Andes to the Pacific Coast.


If you missed our webinar you can still watch it and learn through the taped videos, the informative video on Tren Crucero and through the detailed support material available for download.


Watch the webinar on tren Crucero and download the support material with all the information on Tren Crucero:


Webinar Host Profile


Rodrigo Salas Vaca

Marketing Consultant & Advisor in Promotion and Tourism Development.
Editor in touristic publications.

Specialist in management and promotion of touristic destinations with a professional formation and specialized courses in Ecuador, Colombia, United States, Spain, Holland and Belgium in subjects of destination development, commerce, culture, promotion and marketing.

18 + years of experience in the touristic industry, in both private and public sectors and NGOs, as well as the coordination, organization and logistic management in-situ in more than 50 fairs, presentations, exhibitions and international events of tourism.

 Knowledgeable in the 24 providences of Ecuador and of 88 multiple cities in 22 different countries in America, Europe and Africa. 

Fluent in 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian & Portuguese.

Following Webinars:

  • Be an Expert in Cuenca: December 16 & 17


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