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Crystal-clear and turbulent rivers that cross through lush and exuberant amazon landscapes make up the scenario where Kayak and Rafting are done in Ecuador. 40 meters-high waterfalls, where the most adventurous travelers descend on ropes make up the canyoning offer in diverse parts of the country’s four worlds. Furthermore, canopy allows the tourist to explore, as its name states, the canopy of the cloud forests and also observe birds, orchids, bromeliads and sometimes mammals.

The hike to the snow summits of the Andes, horseback rides in the moorlands full of hay scrubs and native trees, diving in the warm waters if the Pacific Coast and Galapagos are part of the diverse adventure activities available in Ecuador’s four worlds: Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands. 

Profile Presenters

Roberto Alonso-Rohde

Roberto Alonso-Rohde

German Host

Tour guide for recognized tour operators with a vast experience on the different destinations that make Ecuador.

Specialized in managing and promotion of touristic destinations with professional background and specialization courses.

He is knowledgeable in Ecuador's 24 provinces and speaks German, Spanish and English fluently.


Paúl Salazar (FR/PT)

Paúl Salazar

Presenter in French and Portuguese


He knows very well the country. It is a nature and outdoor events lover. He is also an amateur climber and photographer.


It is a national and naturalist guide. He has experience leading French and Brazilian tourist groups for more than 20 years in mainland Ecuador and Galapagos.

At the present time he is in charge of two companies that handle the transport and adventure tourism travel through the four worlds of Ecuador: Andes, Amazon, Pacific Coast and Galapagos.

He also loves to participate in international fairs in which Ecuador participates, representing the country and promoting the unique tourist destinations that Ecuador has.

Karl Egloff

Karl Egloff

Spanish and English Host

Karl Egloff is a Swiss-Ecuadorian athlete, active cyclist and mountain climber. Since he was 27 years old he began practicing mountain biking. He won 55 gold medals in the highest category and two World Cups: Italy 2011 and France 2012.

Later he devoted to mountaineering. He has climbed three times to the Aconcagua summit. He has also climbed to Alpamayo Mountain. Nowadays he is a mountain guide in Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Cayambe and Antisana volcanoes in Ecuador.

Egloff went to his first expedition to the Cotopaxi summit with the mountaineer Nicolas Miranda in May 2010. In December 2012 he set a world record by climbing the Cotopaxi in 1 hour 15 minutes, and 22 minutes in descending it.

In February 19th, 2015 he obtained the world record on speed climbing and descending, in the highest mountain in the Americas: the Aconcagua, in Argentina, with a time of 11 hours, 52 minutes.



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