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The webinar BeanXPRT on Galapagos will be held in Spanish and English on October 21st. It is the second online seminar on the archipelago, this time it will talk more about specific aspects of the Galapagos Islands.


The first webinar on Galapagos was held on May 26 and 27. Several topics were given in this online seminar, including: reasons why to sell Galapagos as a destination; connectivity; Geography; accommodation types; activities that can be performed (surfing, kayaking, visiting beaches, hiking, wildlife watching, snorkeling, diving and stargazing, among others). Additionally, information on gastronomy, travel tips, immigration papers, brief history of the islands, and general data were also given.


This second Webinar will address the following aspects, divided into four categories:


1. Galapagos Islands.

Here we will give general information, as well as talk about towns, Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve, and about the logistic in visitor sites.


2. Getting to know the islands.

We will list the 13 main and 5 medium islands.


3. Main attractions.

Marine and land wildlife and also about birds. Additionally, we will talk about the marine and terrestrial flora of Galapagos.


4. Additional information about the islands.

We will discuss topics such as photography and filming, diving requirements,  sustainability of ecosystems and the current volcanic situation in the archipelago.


We encourage travel agents selling packages and tours in Galapagos and those with plans to start selling this destination, to register for the Webinar. It will provide useful tools to facilitate the sale of hotels, cruise ships, yachts, catamarans and other forms of accommodation in the Islands. This online webinar will feature specialized destination information allowing the International Trade to learn more in depth about this beautiful place, which has a high environmental and ecotourism value.

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