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A delicious grilled cuy

Andes - Cuenca

The cuy also called guinea pig is a rodent mammal native of the South American Andes, indispensable in popular parties and part of our traditional cuisine. Guinea pigs were raised in the kitchens of farmers and indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Sierra, today there are specialized farms produing this mammal for local consumption and for exportation. It’s low fat content makes it a very appetizing and healthy dish that is served with potatoes, hominy and chili pepper.
Surely if you go to the city of Cuenca it’s a must to stop and try this delicious dish of our tradicional cuisine.

Useful Data

Type of cuisine: Traditional

Suggested Route

By Air: Quito – Cuenca, Guayaquil – Cuenca
By Land: Guayaquil – Cuenca, Quito – Cuenca, Loja – Cuenca, Azogues – Cuenca, Macas – Cuenca

Where to eat at Cuenca

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