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Enjoy a delicious ‘bolón de verde’ from Esmeraldas

Pacific Coast - Esmeraldas

The bolón de verde – traditional food – is considered a national dish and has as its star ingredient the plantain, of which Ecuador is one of the largest producers worldwide. As its name suggests, the ‘bolón de verde’ consists of a ball about the size of a fist that is prepared with a dough made with plantains, which may be roasted or fried previously. The province of Esmeraldas specializes in the elaboration of the best ‘bolones de verde’ that can be accompanied with a cup of coffee.

Useful Data

Type of cuisine: Traditional

Suggested Route

By Air: Quito – Esmeraldas
By Land: Guayaquil – Esmeraldas, Quito – Esmeraldas

Where to eat at Esmeraldas

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