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Amazon - Yasuni National Park

This fascinating miracle of nature allows us to know the real natural wealth of the Amazonia. It has a wide animal and vegetable diversity. Yasuni is one of the zones of the earth most biodiverse, the studies talk about 150 amphibian species, 121 reptiles, 598 bird species, between 169 and 204 mammals and in flora it have been identified 2113 species and its estimated that it will exist around 3100. Yasuni is a paradise, Ecuador is a paradise.

Where to eat at Yasuni National Park

  • Gastronomy
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  • Restaurants

    Bulevar de las Frutas

    A special invitation to visit us every Saturday and Sunday so you can enjoy the…

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  • Culinary Tourism

    Eat Cachama (Pseudorinelepis genibarbis) Maito

    The Maitos are traditional in the jungle and particularly in the Orellana province. It is…

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  • Restaurants

    Las Delicias

    Breakfasts, lunches and dinners with the homemade touch, we also have à la carte dishes,…

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  • Restaurants

    Pappa Dance’s

    Pappa Dance’s Bar is located in the most important touristic zone of Francisco de Orellana…

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  • Restaurants

    Pizza Choza

    Enjoy the best bits of the city, in a traditional ambience and with the best…

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