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Ecuador Film Residency

The Ecuador Film Residency program is aimed at content creators who want to visit Ecuador to produce content in the national territory, living and touring the unique tourist experiences offered by the country of the four worlds. It is a call to the promoters of a more conscious, healthier and more natural tourism; where rewarding experiences are promoted.

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Ecuador has it all,
so close…

If you are a content creator the Ecuador Film Residency program opens for you the doors of our country so that you can explore it while recording your best travel experiences in photos, videos or news articles to share this wonderful material with us and your community.

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Four Worlds to discover


Discover one of the most pristine and sublime places on the planet. In its magical volcanic islands you will find unique animal species that do not exist anywhere else on Earth. In addition, in the depths of its seas you can swim along with sharks, turtles and manta rays.

Pacific Coast

Enjoy the warm weather by the seaside, travel along wide beaches, beautiful cliffs, breathtaking viewpoints and picturesque villages where the famous toquilla straw hats are hand-woven and cocoa plants grow. Also, enjoy the charm of its people and the flavor of its gastronomy.


Among the most striking peaks of the Andes you will find fascinating parks and natural reserves. If you are a culture lover, immerse yourself in its ancient cities recognized as Humanity’s World Heritage.


If you are looking to get in touch with nature, this region is for you. In the midst of wide rivers and tall trees you will admire the diversity of life on its natural state. Get in contact with ancestral communities that will show you other ways of living and conservation.

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