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Mindo, un tesoro natural

Ahora conoce Ecuador y algunos datos importantes de sus destinos. Hoy te invitamos a quedarte en casa, pero te acompañamos con una serie de contenidos

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Cuicocha lake’s trails

Ecuador is blessed, geographically speaking, you can tell by its four worlds compiling all in one place and really close. On must see features are its lakes and lagoons. And the Andes range do know about water natural reservoirs. Scattered all

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A learning tour in Quito

Quito has more than 60 museums, multiple Art and Cultural Centers and ancient temples and churches that altogether display a strong history and heritage with unmeasurable value. In Quito you can learn as you walk the old stone paved streets and so we’ve prepared a

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Ecuadorian Andean food, 1 part

Ecuadorian gastronomy is a delight for the palate. Four worlds provide us with a variety of products and recipes, some from long yesteryears and from each corner of the country. In this first part of the blog, we will show you the delights of the Andes world. Each meal represents its inhabitants taste and their ancestral knowledge

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Explore the Earth’s depths

This is a land of diversity and even if you’ve visited its four worlds, there are many corners of Ecuador that you have not yet discovered. Today we’ll go down to the bowels of the Earth to feel

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