Mindo, a natural treasure

Now that you’re in Ecuador and you know we must all stay at home for safety measures. We would like to be your companion and provide all our multimedia assets to help you surpass quarantine. We have a variety of content that will entertain you while providing insights on what makes us feel proud of our country. One of these treasures is Mindo, a natural treasure, located 1250 MASL, a hidden gem and natural landmark in the province of Pichincha.

Bird watching

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Destination recognized worldwide for housing more than 500 bird species, which can be seen in the whole Mindo Nambillo forest area. Considered one of the most biodiverse places on earth, Mindo is a magnet for hummingbirds. That’s why this destination was the first in the country to join the Annual Christmas Bird Count, in 1994. The initiative originated in the United States, in 1900.

Adventure activities

Mindo has plenty of waterfalls, rivers and natural spaces that allow travelers to connect with the exuberant fauna and flora of northwestern Pichincha. Canopy, canyoning, tubbing and other adventure modalities can be carried out in this adventure ready part of ​​Ecuador. The cliffs and climbs in rocky areas allow travelers to show their climbing skills as well as his physical strength. Find out more about this destination: Mindo, a natural treasure.


In the zone there are several tour ventures that invite us to discover the sweet world of chocolate. Locals guide us through the process of cocoa production from the bean to “make your own amazing and exotic chocolate” bar. This is Ecuador, “Land of the Finest Chocolate’ because the country can offer a journey of experiences that awaken the senses and allow contact with farmers and entrepreneurs on the cultivation of this good, considered the food of the Gods.

Waterfall hikes

There are several waterfalls of various heights, some of them with pool-like formations on the base where bathers can feel the energy of the vital liquid. To reach these site you must walk along trails surrounded by flowers, orchids and various tree species from this ecosystem. Additionally on the way to the waterfalls you can capture beautiful snaps of birds, breathtaking mountain ranges and more of the greenery around.



Butterfly visits



Finally Mindo has a special place for butterflies where you can admire their colorful and beautiful shapes. On the vivarium, a sort of green house for butterfly’s nursing, you will learn about the four stages this species passes through on the metamorphosis process, going from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and finally becoming into a beautiful butterfly. The destination has more than 1000 species of butterflies, many of which are in danger of extinction. Nearby, there’s a butterfly garden with about 400 species of orchids of different sizes.

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