Ecuadorian Andean food, 1 part

Ecuadorian gastronomy is a delight for the palate. Four worlds provide us with a variety of products and recipes, some from long yesteryears and from each corner of the country. 

In this first part of the blog, we will show you the delights of the Andes world. Each meal represents its inhabitants taste and their ancestral knowledge when it comes to preparing food. This is a short list to the main dishes in our gastronomic map to delight the palate with Ecuadorian Andean food. 

Today we travel to Carchi, Imbabura, Pichincha, Tungurahua, and Cotopaxi.


Hornado Pastuso

Salty and juicy is the Carchi`s baked pork. Its name comes from the cultural influence of the people that inhabited the area. The characteristic of this dish is the salty broth that accompanies pork, a dressing made of onions, garlic, salt and chili. The pork is macerated for at least 24 hours so that the meat has the desired softness and then cooked in a clay oven with eucalyptus wood. The protein is served with potatoes with their skin, hominy and lettuce.

Imbabura’s fritada

An inevitable preparation in the northern Andes, Imbabura. The fried pork is considered a dish of Creole origin that rescues traditions in its preparation with the use of the bronze paila or pan, to cook the pork and then fisnished in a wood stove. The fertile soil of this destination provides various products that accompany the fritada starting with white hominy, potatoes and corn.

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Locro a potato broth

The thick soup is classic from the Andes region and representative of the Pichincha province. The main ingredient is the potato, which is produced in many varieties in the country. The «la chola» potato is the one used for this preparation and includes cheese, milk and when served it is accompanied with avocado, chulpi, a sort of corn and good chocho, lupine, pepper. The potato is an ancient food and is an important part of the gastronomy of Ecuadorians. Savor the Ecuadorian Andean food.


This meal from the Cotopaxi province is characterized by a crispy baked pig skin. Its name comes from two Kichwas words: chukchuna (trembling) and kara (leather). The preparation includes pork as the main ingredient, which is cooked in bronze pots. The chugchucaras are made up of hominy with pork rinds, pieces of pork, broken skin, boiled and fried potatoes in the same bowl as the pig, ripe fried plantains, toasted plantain, and sweet empanadas.

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Finally, in Tungurahua you cannot miss this preparation that you will love. Its name comes from the Kichwa ‘llapina’ (to crush) and the Castilian ‘gacha’ (soft dough). This dish is of pre-Hispanic and Creole origin, and consists of potato handmade tortillas, chorizo, fried egg, beetroot and avocado salad. In this area, potato cultivation is also essential for its inhabitants dedicated to agriculture.

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