A destination you must visit

Choose Ecuador as your holiday destination! This beautiful country is a paradise everywhere you look at it. Let yourself be amazed by its culture expressed majestically in its churches, buildings and heritage cities

For example, in Quito, discover the Best Preserve Historic Center in South America. In the Coast, you’ll fall in love with its views, beaches and the abundance of fauna that they enclose. Increase your adrenaline by practicing a variety of adventure sports that Ecuador has to offer. And do not forget to delight yourself with the taste of its gastronomic diversity, which you’ll find while touring this country full of magic and charm…

Live a unique experience, live Ecuador!

5 extraordinary reasons to visit Ecuador

1Galápagos: the islands that inspired Darwin

The great biodiversity and wildlife found in the Galápagos Islands are so unique that Darwin raised the Theory of Evolution based on it.

2 The Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World monument) and the place where bodies weigh less

Ecuador is lucky enough to be located in the middle of the world, a very privileged area. This geographical feature allows the phenomenon of gravity to be exerted with less force in Quito; meaning that, here the bodies weigh slightly less than in other places around the world.

3The closest point from the Earth to the sun

In the province of Chimborazo stands the amazing Chimborazo Volcano. At 6268 m in height, this colossus is the closest point from Earth to the Sun.

4Humpback whales and their love ritual

Each year, the warm waters of the Ecuadorian Pacific are chosen by the humpback whales to perform their love ritual. Its sighting is a unique event between a mixture of respect and amazement.

5The 'Panama Hat' is made in Ecuador

The renowned straw hat or 'Panama Hat' is native to the Ecuadorian coast. In addition, it is a product demanded worldwide because of its distinguished craftsmanship.


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If you are planning your trip, you can’t leave the essential details of your stay for the end. Find out more about every aspect necessary to make your adventure in Ecuador a pleasant one.


Ecuador has a variety of microclimates, during the following seasons: summer (June-November) and winter (December.May)


Since 2000, the US dollar became the official currency in Ecuador


(Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Senegal).

Blossoming of the Araguaney

From December to February

Mangahurco, a parish in the border canton of Zapotillo in Loja Province, is dressed in yellow for the first couple of months every year when the araguaney blossom.

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Ecuador has won several awards in the tourism industry. Standing out not only for being the most chosen destinations in several areas but praised, in addition, for excelling in tourism products and services.

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