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Would you believe that it is possible -in the same day- to surf in the morning in warm waters, raft at midday in the rapids that descend from the Andes and walk at night along Amazonian trails while spotting species of flora and fauna unique in the world? These and hundreds of other adventures, you live in Ecuador, which opens the doors of its 4 regions.
Come and explore this amazing destination halfway around the world!

GALAPAGOS, a small world within itself

In the famous Galapagos Islands you will feel life in its natural state as you walk among giant tortoises, sea lions and exotic birds found nowhere else on earth. Immerse yourself in a world where nature is the protagonist, discover why Galapagos is recognized as a Natural World Heritage Site and learn what inspired Charles Darwin for his theory of Evolution.

Enjoy the charm of the Pacific COAST

The Ecuadorian coast is bathed by the warm waters of the Pacific, ideal for relaxing on more than 150 tourist beaches, practicing water sports and enjoying picturesque sunsets and villages. It also has a delicious gastronomy, based on fresh seafood and traditional recipes that will conquer your palate.

The treasures of the Andes and their living cultures

The Andean region of Ecuador, with its majestic mountains and rich cultural heritage, invites you to discover its unique beauty. From the colonial cities of Quito and Cuenca to the impressive landscapes of the Cotopaxi and Chimborazo volcanoes, this region will captivate you with its charm. Explore colorful indigenous markets, admire colonial architecture and immerse yourself in Andean culture while the towering Andes are your guardians.

An unforgettable excursion to the wild AMAZONIA

The Ecuadorian Amazon invites you to immerse yourself in a world of exuberant vegetation and unparalleled biodiversity. In this pristine jungle, you will find a variety of ecosystems, from dense rainforests to meandering rivers. Embark on exciting canoe adventures, see unique flora and fauna species and contact the ancestral people who have inhabited these millenary lands.

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