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The Land of the Four Worlds opens its doors to offer you the most fascinating tourist travel experiences. Our four regions (Galapagos, Coast, Andes and Amazon) await you with unique natural scenery, ancient cultures, flavors from another world and a thousand authentic adventures.
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What do you need to enter Ecuador?

If you are a foreign citizen you must have :

  • Valid and valid passport (valid for 6 months)
  • ID card or DNI citizens of South America
  • Check if you need to present a visa to enter Ecuador


If you are a citizen of the Andean Community you will be able to enter with:

  • National Identity Card or National Identity Document.

If you are Ecuadorian citizen you must present:

  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Emergency passport
  • Safe conduct

The children and adolescents Ecuadorians and foreigners can enter under the following conditions:

  • Accompanied by their parents or one of them, legal guardians or whoever exercises parental authority.
  • Alone or with third parties.
  • In case of entering alone, you must have the authorization of the person or persons exercising parental authority, of the competent authority in your respective country or under the regulations in force in your country of origin.

Additional requirements to enter Galapagos

Protected areas entrance fee

The cost for foreigners not residing in Ecuador is $100, for tourists from the CAN or Mercosur is $50, for Ecuadorian tourists is $6. Children under 12 years old pay 50%. Admission to Isabela Island costs $10 for non-resident foreigners and $5 for Ecuadorians.

Transit control card

Purchase your transit control card at the Quito and Guayaquil airports for $20 and present it at check-in.

Health insurance

Before entering the province of Galapagos, lBefore entering the province, foreign tourists must have private health insurance, without prejudice to international agreements on free mobility.

Our guide for a
Safe Destination

Check out our recommendations on what you should take into account when traveling through Ecuador.

We adapt to change and develop biosafety protocols for the tourism sector at different levels of service: tourist accommodation, food and beverages, land and maritime tourist transportation, tour operators, meeting industry, beaches and spas.

Ecuador has been awarded the Safe Travels Seal by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). In this way, tourist establishments in Ecuador will be able to receive visitors safely and with international support.

The Quito International Airport obtained the Airport Health Accreditation from the Airports Council International, thanks to the implementation of measures and devices to prioritize the health and safety of its passengers and collaborators.

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Every day we are more connected to the world, to make your trip to Ecuador faster and more pleasant. Check flight schedules and availability on the official websites of our international and domestic airports.

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