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Puyo y sus sabores exóticos

El país es reconocido por su diversidad gastronómica, elegir una plato representativo sería una tarea difícil. Ecuador reconoce en las 24 provincias los sabores que

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Puyo: sabiduría y cultura

Nuestro viaje por Ecuador, a través de los contenidos digitales continúa. Esta semana llegamos a Puyo, ubicado en el corazón de la región amazónica. #DescubreEcuadorDesdeCasa

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Timeless Galapagos dazzle

The Galapagos archipelago is a marine and wildlife paradise located about 1,000 kilometers from the continental Ecuadorian coast. Considered a living laboratory in constant evolution,

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Looking for adventure? Ecuador is your destination

We long to travel again to those destinations we love in the country of the four worlds. Today we stay home to keep all us safe but we know we’ll go back to the places where we got to know the culture, where we lived extraordinary adventures, where we tried delicious delicacies and where we felt peace in natural places. I miss you Ecuador!  

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The exotic flavors of Puyo

Our country has earned worldwide gastronomic recognition for its variety. Choosing a representative dish would be a difficult task when it comes to Ecuadorian cuisine. It is a tiny, compact country yet a very productive land that reflects its agricultural richness on its plates and

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Labyrinths of Chiguaza

One of the main natural and touristic attractions of Morona Santiago province is the so-called Labyrinths of Chiguaza, which are located at the junction of the Pastaza and Chiguaza rivers, approximately 35 miles from the city of Macas, on the Macas-Puyo road and approximately 40 miles from the

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Future fun on the Ecuadorian coast

These are difficult times, we know, when we can’t do what we love the most: being out, in the wild, wandering around the four worlds of this wonderfull Ecuador. So today we’re switching things around to bring Ecuador into your home instead! #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome / #DescubreEcuadorDesdeCasa is our proposal that takes you on a virtual trip to our most beloved destinations. We’ve also gathered a bunch of fun activities

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