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The most diverse cuisine prepared with ancient ingredients; life-changing adventures in natural protected areas; growing concern for applying sustainability to every experience; the most biodiverse place on the planet; world-renowned accommodations and experiences.

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Cuenca magical immersion

The city is considered “the treasure of the Andes” for its location, architecture, landscapes, gastronomy, and people, which are some of the reasons why this city is a paradise to visit.

Historic District, Cultural Heritage of Humanity


South America's Leading City Break Destination


Tourist Excellence


Sustainable tourist destination


Toquilla Straw Hat, Intangible Heritage of Humanity


Qhapaq Ñan, World Cultural Heritage


Parque Nacional Cajas, Site as a World Biosphere Reserve


Best Places to Retire Around the World


Taste a bit of Cuenca Hearty
cuisine and unique flavors

15 chefs working on over 72 dishes and beverages with more than 100 ingredients grown and obtained with local farmers.

Culture basics for remoters

Toquilla straw hat

The hands of our artisans have been creating this wonderful garment for years. During 1914, the Panama Canal workers used it massively, bringing it to fame. Today, our hat is highly valued all over the world for its meticulous workmanship, quality, and elegance. It has been worn by presidents, artists, painters, and travelers.


Cuenca stands out for its important artisanal activity, which led it to be declared a World City of Crafts. Its artisans maintain artistic activities in ceramics, filigree, jewelry, blacksmithing, and textiles. Many open their workshops so that visitors know the process of creating the objects.

The origin of cacao

5,300 years ago, the Mayo Chinchipe-Marañón culture began an ancient relationship for the domestication, cultivation, and distribution of the “golden bean” that grows on Ecuadorian land. Ecuadorian chocolate is one of the most important and exquisite products of our gastronomy. Cocoa and chocolate are emblems of Ecuador.

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